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Spoiler only for very shallow people.

Just back from seeing the last Harry Potter film. HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN SNAPE'S HAIRCUT? How come no one warned me??! Do I have no friends at all? Jeez...

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"Glee defangs the Rocky Horror"

Just watched the Rocky Horror Glee Show. I've finally done so after having read tons of contradicting reviews from lots of different people.

When it comes to the quality of the episode, I'd say I have nothing to say. I mean, characters behaving strangely in order to fulfill this week's episode's music demands is nothing new for Glee. I'd say it was even less troublesome this week since the aim of the episode was to include as many Rocky songs as possible, and had been advertised as the Rocky episode and nothing else.

However, as a huge Rocky fan I did wince several times because of the changes made to the lyrics. A few weeks ago, I got very scared before watching the episode "Grilled Cheesus" because I thought religion would be the subject that would really get me cross with Glee. Surprinsingly enough, I really liked the skilful way Glee beat the other girls to the bride's bouquet others shows when it comes to this delicate issue. After they managed to reassure me, it did not cross my mind that a Rocky episode could be more problematic than an episode on religion... and then they decided to edit the songs. "Toucha toucha touch me" for instance. I think I can understand why they would rather avoid saying "seat wetting" or "heavy petting" in such a show, but we're talking about the show that had a school choir singing "Rehab" in order to win the nationals. So it's okay for teenagers to sing about drug addiction, but not sex? (even though we do know that some characters like Brittany have gone much further than Janet has ever dreamed of doing with Rocky)

But the real problem I had is with the "sensational Transylvannia" instead of "transexual Transylvannia". Why was the word "transexual" edited out? What is their excuse for this one? Let me guess, children were watching, right? It reminds me of those people in France who wanted to ban an educational film on homosexuality that was shown to school children. They thought we were teaching our children about adult issues they should never have to hear about, or at least not until they're older. What those people obviously didn't get is that talking about homosexuality (or transexualism) is not the same as talking about sex. So even if you agree that having Emma asking Will to errr... well, touch her, it still doesn't explain why "transexual" seems to be on the list of words not to pronounce on prime-time T.V.

In short: I thought the episode was good, but if you're not ready to accept the consequences of putting on a Rocky Horror then just don't do it.
...and on this day, she discovered Jeremy Kyle and lost all faith in humanity. Seriously people, WHAT IS THIS? >_<

British TV, I only have one thing to tell you:Collapse )
  Tonight, you will all have the privilege of hearing me complain about the film Braveheart. I've just watched it for the first time and I simply CAN'T believe it won Oscars. Where should I even start? By the conservative agenda of the film (impose tax on rich people??!! That King is evil! If you need proof, here's this socialist tyran raping women) or by the gay King who's weak and so cries like a woman (as women do) and only cares about his clothes and hair? Thankfully ones of those poofs ends up defenestrated before the end of the film! Everyone knows good men are macho guys and that evil people are either deformed or effeminate!
  Even just one of the first sentences amazed me: "Historians from England will say I am a liar, but history is written by those who have hanged heroes." Who IS the voiceover? If he's supposed to be from 1995 then this statement is xenophobic. And the film not only insults England but also Scotland's heritage by turning it into some sort of parody of itself.

  I'm not even talking about historical inaccuracy. I honestly don't care about that. Yes, the battle of Stirling Bridge does not happen on a bridge in the film, so what? The aim of the film was to entertain and clearly not educate (THANK GOD FOR THAT!). And I do admit that the battle scenes are particularly well-done. The only thing is that the stinking ideology behing the film as well as the homophobia kind of spoiled my fun.

  Pfiooooo... That's it! Luckily for me, I have loads of Doctor Who episodes from Davison's era to watch and I am LOVING it! Good ol' Doctor, always here when you need him!

Fandom auction

Yop yop people!

Just wanted to let you know that the newly created LJ community help_haiti is hosting a fandom auction to collect money for various charities helping Haiti.
Besides the cause, there are some pretty awesome stuff on sale on this comm! Last time I took part in a fandom auction, I got two of my favourite authors to write fics for me :D

As for me, I am auctionning a pair of earrings like the ones I posted pictures of several months ago on my journal. My thread is here if you want to have a look!

Torchwood - Children of Earth - Part V

It feels like everything's already been said but I had promised I would review the five episodes:
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Torchwood - Children of Earth - Part IV


Torchwood - Children of Earth - Part III

  Have not been able to resist the tentation. Have watched the episode at 1 in the morning so here's my review (yes, I'm at work, why? ^^) 

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Torchwood - Children of Earth - Part II

I know you Brits already have had the chance to watch the third episode but I haven't and so I'm gonna write my thoughts about Part II while waiting for the torrent ^^
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Also, I am SO TIRED! Torchwood forces me to go to bed very late and so I am now officially DED OT TORCHWUD >_<

Edit: if you've watched the Second Part, just go and read this macro XD


I almost forgot -_-

God I'm such a geek!! Because of the Torchwood week I completely forgot to tell you that I passed my exams! :D I got the news yesterday morning and eventhough it wasn't really a surprise (what with the strike in the French universities and all...) I'm still very pleased to announce that I now have a bachelor's degree in British literature and civilisation as well as 2 years of Swedish studies "validated".

nerdy!foui is very nerdy... ^^