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Top Gear

Hey Brits! I need your help!

I know Top Gear's a very popular programme but I've never watched it. I've noticed that the show has a fandom on LJ and other places as well. At first I was surprised because... a show about cars? But I've been a fan of much, much stranger things so I decided I'd try to see if it appeals to me as well. So I googled Jeremy Clarkson and the stuff I found were... troubling to say the least. People I really admire or like have written some very nasty stuff about Top Gear's host. Just to name a few Steeve Coogan in the Guardian or Johann Hari in the Independent.

Honestly not trying to tell you it's wrong to be part of the Top Gear fandom, especially since I've never since a single episode, I'm just really, honestly wondering what appeals to the fans and what the fandom's based on. Is it the guys who host the show? I know I've seen some RPF fics out there but is it the main thing in the Top Gear fandom or is the show funny as well or something? Because they also seem to invite quite big celebrities on the show so I imagine the hosts must be good!
The shows we have about cars in France are just about the most boring shows you could ever think of. So what does Top Gear has that makes it watchable by people who don't like cars ('cos I know people in Edinburgh who hated cars but still watched)?

Once again, I've never seen an episode, but it seems like Clarkson's jokes can be interpreted as xenophobe or sexist at times, and usually fandom's quite sensitive to this.

Last time you all explained Jeremy Kyle so well flist, can you unravel the mystery that is Clarkson for me too pleeeease? :)


Feb. 10th, 2011 12:04 am (UTC)
Yes he is supposed to be funny, but I don't think he is at all. Clearly, I am not the demographic for Top Gear!