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Stickety stickety yeah!

My list of TV series.

For I am a geekCollapse )

I know some of these musicals aren't good or are incredibly boring but I really want to have a kind of broad view of the subject. Wish me luck!
(I will re-work this list when I find a good guide to musicals)

The musicals list of DOOMCollapse )

 Decision made, I am going to quit my job. Now, how should I go about it? I'm terribly tempted to go all drama queen on my boss and storm into his office shouting "Why didn't you let me handle the Murphy vs Jones case?"... I mean "Where's my money, you scam?". I mean, unless I get an acting job on Law and Order soon it'll probably be the only chance I'll ever have of being so dramatic in my boss' office (also, he deserves every single insult I could throw at him). Please let me know if you have any good ones liners you think I should use.

In much more important news, I just came to post because I realized I didn't link you to my Tumblr, so here it is: http://doubleunicornalltheway.tumblr.com/

Have a lovely Sunday y'all!

Not born and yet already cool.

Just thought of something: David Tennant and Georgia Moffett's child wil have two Doctors in his family. His grandfather's Five and his father's Ten!


And now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Top Gear

Hey Brits! I need your help!

I know Top Gear's a very popular programme but I've never watched it. I've noticed that the show has a fandom on LJ and other places as well. At first I was surprised because... a show about cars? But I've been a fan of much, much stranger things so I decided I'd try to see if it appeals to me as well. So I googled Jeremy Clarkson and the stuff I found were... troubling to say the least. People I really admire or like have written some very nasty stuff about Top Gear's host. Just to name a few Steeve Coogan in the Guardian or Johann Hari in the Independent.

Honestly not trying to tell you it's wrong to be part of the Top Gear fandom, especially since I've never since a single episode, I'm just really, honestly wondering what appeals to the fans and what the fandom's based on. Is it the guys who host the show? I know I've seen some RPF fics out there but is it the main thing in the Top Gear fandom or is the show funny as well or something? Because they also seem to invite quite big celebrities on the show so I imagine the hosts must be good!
The shows we have about cars in France are just about the most boring shows you could ever think of. So what does Top Gear has that makes it watchable by people who don't like cars ('cos I know people in Edinburgh who hated cars but still watched)?

Once again, I've never seen an episode, but it seems like Clarkson's jokes can be interpreted as xenophobe or sexist at times, and usually fandom's quite sensitive to this.

Last time you all explained Jeremy Kyle so well flist, can you unravel the mystery that is Clarkson for me too pleeeease? :)

Jan. 8th, 2011

 David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be appearing in Shakspeare's Much Ado About Nothing from the 16th may in London's West End.

OK, so now I have to see Much Ado About Nothing, Frankenstein, Billy Elliot, The Lion King, Chicago, The Woman in Black and Oliver (+ I have to do the Doctor Who Experience and the Baker Street museum).

SO! Trip to London confirmed! Just waiting to set a date now.
French Sherlock meet-up anyone?
Someone over at sherlockbbc  has had the idea or organizing a meet-up for French Sherlock fans. At the moment nothing is sure but it looks like it'll be in Paris.

Also, I have just discovered the French Sherlock Holmes Society! Apparently, they have a reconstitution of Sherlock's living room that we can visit. Anyone wants to go? Obviously, it won't be as good as the museum on Baker Street but it's still something...

Oh, and if you want your life to be that little bit brighter, look at these two videos:

Josh Groban sings Kanye West and the 10 year anniversary of the crying Dawson gif (thanks fairy_bliss !)

 Going to visit the grandparents in some remote, forgtten place in the south of France. Back on the 30th. See you!

Dec. 11th, 2010

Ahahahahahah! It only took a day for me to get behind the schedule! It's a talent, you know. Sort of...

But the good news is, GIFS ORGY! :D (ten, to catch up with the advent calendar)Collapse )

I've just seen there's a fandom auction thingy going on. I love these things! This time it's to support LGBT kids, teens, and young adults. Maybe I'll propose to send macarons from Paris, these tend to have quite a lot of success. Last time I ended up buying a Captain Jack fanart which I absolutely love! The talented mumumugen  made it.

Here be fanartCollapse )

Now, important question. Is anyone planning on going to Strarford to see Tim Minchin's musical Mathilda? And is anyone planning on trying to catch Tim Minchin on one of his UK dates? I really want to but I'll only try to save up enough money if I'm sure there are people who want to go as well. Please let me know!